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Refractive Surgery


How about getting rid of GLASSES?

100% Bladefree Removal of Glasses
Clear Vision Lasik Laser - Introducing World's Best Intralase FS - Femtosecond Laser System

In iLasik, no blade is used to cut tissues. A hinged Corneal flap is made with the help of a laser i.e., "100% Blade Free" Creation of flap. There is no cutting of tissues. They are separated by placement of the tiny bubbles in the tissues. During flap Creation the procedure can be stopped any time and restarted at a different depth without affecting the results of surgery.

Every parameter of the flap can be adjusted so as to have the best possible customized flap for that eye. Advantage of "100% Blade Free" flap is that flap is very stable, well fitted and the complications encountered with the use of blade are not seen with intralase.

Over 30 + Million procedure done world wide and people found this much comfortable then any older classic spectacle removal surgery.

"Only machine approved by NASA for Astronauts & US Army."

You are eligible for LASIK if...

1. You are above the age of 18 years. There is no upper limit for the procedure.
2. The power of the spectacle is equal to or more than ±0.75D.
3. A stable power of glasses that has not fluctuated by more than half a number during the previous year.


In normal eye, in order to see clearly, rays of Light pass through the Cornea, pupil and lens of the eye . A sharp and clear image is focused directly on the retina.

MYOPIA (Near sightedness)

In a nearsighted Person the cornea is too steep or the eye is too long and the focal point is in front of the retina resulting in blurred distance vision.

HYPEROPIA (Far sightedness)

In a farsighted person the focus of the eye is Behind the retina. People who are farsighted can have trouble seeing at distance and near.


Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is not Completely round but Shaped more like an egg. Light that enters the eye focuses on more than one spot on the retina resulting in blurring of vision. Astigmatism can occur with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

iLASIK surgery is a three step technique :

Step 1 - Using an instrument Called Microkeratome, a thin flap of corneal tissue is made and folded back.
Step 2 - You will be asked to look at a target light white the Excimer laser reshapes the corneal tissue.
Step 3 - The corneal flap is then placed back into its original position and allowed to dry.

Advantages of lasik

1. Fast visual recovery
2. Minimal side effects
3. Minimal or absence of pain
4. Faster healing
5. Safest form of Refractive Surgery